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  • As mentioned in the post below Jessica is the cover girl for Redbook Magazine. Be sure to check out scans in our gallery and don’t forget to pick up your copy to support Jessica!

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    redbook Jessica Covers Redbook Magazine

    Why We Love Jessica Simpson

    Because she fights off the fashion and the weight police, but never tangles with the actual police. Because she makes clothes we can all look good in. Because she’s a preacher’s daughter and a proud mother of two. Because she giggles like a teenager about the hot body on her hubby-to-be. Because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Never has, never will. Get a sneak peek at our exclusive cover interview—right here.

    On what it felt like when the press attacked her weight
    “I never listen to it, no matter who the press talks about when they’re pregnant. It’s ridiculous and unfair. I think any woman who is pregnant and creating a life is pretty much entitled to eat whatever she wants as long as she’s healthy. I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.”

    On what will keep her upcoming marriage to Eric Johnson healthy in the long run
    “I’ve learned that sometimes love is not enough. You can have a soul mate and be madly in love with that person, but it’s not necessarily enough. I think you have to have personalities that mesh well. You have to be the yin to their yang. You also have to be open to figuring things out together and communicating— even when it’s the last thing you want to do. I have to admit, it doesn’t hurt that Eric is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen—and he looks amazing naked!”

    On the infamous high-waisted blue jeans
    “What’s so unbelievable is that I was probably at least 15 pounds smaller than I am right now. What’s more unbelievable is that the press could create something so crazy out of a pair of jeans. What woman wants to be brought down for that?”

    On why she’s so together
    “I’m very in control of who I am. I’ve always been that girl who is driven and determined. I’m sure that has something to do with all the responsibility I had when I was very young. I was essentially supporting my family from when I was 14.”

    Check out these gorgeous photos in our gallery!

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    Jessica is featured on the cover of Us Weekly. Check out scans in the gallery.

    us001 Us Weekly Scans   January 13, 2014 us002 Us Weekly Scans   January 13, 2014

    - Magazine Scans > Scans from 2014 > Us Weekly – January 13, 2014

    Jessica is the cover girl for the January/February 2014 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. The scans have been added to the gallery.

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